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Annual Meeting

September 23rd, 2017

The meeting will be at The Larry Brinkley Event Center at the McCurtain County Fairgrounds in Idabel

Member Meeting Schedule

Now accepting applications from vendors for FREE booth space at the CEC Annual Meeting.

Please see this document or contact Member Services at (580) 326-6486 for more information.


CEC Elections & Bylaw voting

Section 3.04 Quorum

Business may not be transacted at any meeting of the members unless there is a Quorum of five (5%) percent of the Membership. A quorum of Members is five percent of current Cooperative Members (“Member Quorum”) who are present in person or who cast a vote by mail. If less than a Member Quorum is present in person, or cast a vote by mail at the Annual Members Meeting or business could not be conducted for any reason, a date will be set for the purpose of holding an Annual Meeting to conduct business within ninety (90) days of the original scheduled date.


Qualifications for Choctaw Electric Cooperative trustees are listed in Section 4.02 of your CEC bylaws.


If you are interested in running for the Board of Trustees, you may pick up a packet from any CEC office or you can download it here.



   • Mail-in ballots must be mailed using the return envelope found in the voting packet.

   • Mail-in ballots must be received on or before September 22nd.

   • Mail-in ballots must be mailed to be valid. Do not bring ballots to the CEC office.

   • Members must use the mail-in ballot in their voting packet.

   • Mail-in ballots will not be available at CEC.

   • Mail in ballots will include a unique election PIN and a member signature is required.





Members who choose to vote at the CEC Annual Meeting will receive a paper ballot when they register at the meeting.

The ballot must include your CEC account number and signature to be valid.

Voting at the annual meeting will close at 10 am so please arrive in plenty of time to vote.


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